Additional Service

In line with our commitment to coffee lovers, Byblos offers the following additional services:

  • Complete Café Set-up Services
    Total set-up time will be 15 Hours, structured as follows:
    Initial Consultations: 3 hours, including:
    • On-line assistance for client;
    • Working with interior designers to place the equipment correctly;
    • Liaising with plumbers and electricians to install lines, pipes, flows, etc. correctly;
    • Assisting with coffee cost calculations.
  • Training on site: 12 hours, covering:
    • Initial 6-hour one-on-one Barista training session on site;
    • Staggered reassessments over the course of the month after the initial training;
    • 6 Hours on Quality Control practices with staff, and follow up.
  • Design Work, which can include but is not limited to:
    • Branding
    • Menu look and feel
    • Packaging
  • We have retained the services of a third party designer.
  • Blend Development.
    • Customise one-off coffee solutions to suit both client and café clientele.