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Pride of place is reserved for Isabella’s blend, a 100% premium, quality-washed, Arabica coffee, freshly roasted in a state-of-the-art roaster. It’s easy to remember: named after Mikhael’s firstborn who decided to arrive the very week her dad first released his coffee blend in South Africa, Isabella’s Blend combines the finest beans from Brazil, Costa Rica and Guatemala. Whether you choose to buy beans, ground coffee or even coffee pods, we can supply – from the store, or via our nationwide delivery chain.
Wholesale Price List

Brand Name Quantity Price
Isabella Blend 1kg R290.00
Isabella Blend 250g R94.00
Isabella Blend 10 capsules per box R79.00
Roasting Method: Fluid Bed
Roast Degree: Medium Roast
Cupping Notes: A full-bodied blend. Fragrant floral aroma notes, delicate citrus acidity, fruity flavour and an enjoyable dark chocolate aftertaste.

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